Dear customer,

Thank you for your interest in attending the annual Marketing Asia Conference.

Here are the terms and conditions for all the event tickets sales.

  1. The event ticket is non-refundable unless the event organiser cancel the event.
  2. The event ticket can be transferable to another person to attend the event on your behalf.
  3. The event ticket does not include accommodation or transport expenses.
  4. For VIP ticket purchase, please email to event@marketingasiaconference.com a copy of your event ticket transaction ID. Our representatives will follow up with you from there.
  5. For Bulk Purchase ticket purchases, you will receive an invoice indicating the number of bulk purchase tickets you have booked. On event date, your registration reference number will be your invoice number.
  6. For Student ticket purchases, you are required to produce a softcopy of your student pass for verification online.
  7. All online and offline ticket sales will be subjected to the above stated terms and conditions.

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